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Diyarbakir Investment Support Office (ISO); 

  • To accept and follow the investor’s applications,
  • To convey investor’s permission and/or licensing procedures or other administrative work and the process to the relevant authority or authorities and  carry out the required follow –up actions,
  • To make an attempt to solve the problems before the relevant authorities by identifying obstacles and problems that investors may encounter in Diyarbakir,
  • To coordinate and support the activities of investment support and promotion carried out at the international level by public institutions/organizations and private sector organizations in Diyarbakir,
  • To perform studies for cooperation and capacity building with the relevant local, national and international institutions within the scope of their duties and activities. 

1.1. Vision of the Diyarbakir Investment Support Office 

Diyarbakir is the pioneer of the Southeastern Anatolia Region with its rich historical heritage and potentials that have in many fields. It is poised to become the world’s gateway to the Middle East, a center of attraction with opportunities provided by the Southeastern Anatolia Project (GAP). Diyarbakir is a city can reach to a level that will compete with the world by its opportunities attained / will attain and potentials. Because of our belief in it, our vision

“A Diyarbakir that is pioneer of the region, attraction center of the Middle East and competitive at the international level.”

Within the framework of this vision, Diyarbakir Investment Support Office’s logo is a “Key” will open all doors for investors and its slogan is 

“The Right Key for Your Investments.”

Diyarbakir Investment Support Office has completed its establishment and institutionalization in 2010, has been continuing free consulting services and guiding activities to the investors / entrepreneurs with the full speed.

 It has focused on promoting investment opportunities of the province effectively in coordination with institutions and organizations in Diyarbakir. At the same time strengthening the its infrastructure constantly, tries to minimize the problems faced by investors. 

Comprehensive studies are carried out for the promotion of investment opportunities in the province such as activities for building and development of capacity of investment promotion of Diyarbakir, provision of inter – agency coordination, data provision for the promotion of investment, activities for increasing the visibility of investment areas and contributed to the promotion of the province with www.investdiyarbakir.com

Diyarbakir Investment Support Office sends monthly activity report to the Governor’s Office and Secretary General.  

To accomplish the objectives listed above;

Diyarbakir Investment Support Office is interacting with relevant institutions / organizations and non – governmental organizations that have representative in the Development Committee through regular meetings and visits and informing about activities of investment support office. 

 It has receiving the support of relevant institutions and organizations to reduce investor’s problems in the province. In addition, all districts are visited in Diyarbakir and relevant parties are informed about the Agency support program,  various meeting and workshops are organized or attending the meetings, workshops, conferences to introduce the activities of Diyarbakir Investment Support Office.

The first priority of the Diyarbakir Investment Support Office is the increasing investments in the province by mobilizing the inner potential of Diyarbakir. 


Table 2- Investors Numbers Interviewed by Months (2010)


Investor Numbers

























Diyarbakir Investment Support Office interviewed a total of 651 investors during the year 2010. 

Table 3- Investors Numbers Interviewed by Months (2011)


Investor Numbers



























Diyarbakir Investment Support Office interviewed a total of 510 investors during 2011.

Investors are informed about activities of Karacadag Development Agency and Diyarbakir Investment Support Office, in addition; 

  • Financial and technical supports offered by Karacadağ Development Agency,
  • Current government grants, 
  • Information on business development, 
  • Other sources of funding, 
  • Fair organizations and participations to the fairs  
  • Allocation of investment land in Organized industrial zone,
  • Informing about the allocation of state – owned lands. 

In addition, detailed interviews carried out with the investors about investments they want to do and necessary information provided to the investors. 

Investors who apply for allocation of investment land directed to the Directorate of Diyarbakir Organized Industrial Zone and Directorate of Provincial National Real Estate. 

Transactions of serious investors who apply for allocation of investment land are followed one to one before relevant institutions. 

Diyarbakir Investment Support Office with effective information service has monitored the investments in the province and encouraged the investors to take the investment incentive certificates. At the same time, studies are carried out about presentation of several government support and incentives to the companies in the Diyarbakir.


3.1 Diyarbakir Tourism Platform 

Tourism Platform meeting was held with broad participation on May 28, 2010 in Karacadag Development Agency seminar hall in order to maintain the positive atmosphere that occurs after Tourism Conference held on May 3, 2010.

Governorship of Diyarbakir, Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality, Diyarbakir Chamber of Commerce and Industry, relevant non-governmental organizations, Districts and tourism investors participated to the meeting that Agency took an active role in. At the end of the meeting, task of secretariat was given to the Diyarbakir Investment Support Office. 

Executive Board of Tourism Platform had its first meeting in the month of July 2010 and Publicity and Awareness Committee and Planning and Infrastructure Committee was decided to establish for the determination of Diyarbakir Tourism Strategy. In this direction, Diyarbakir Investment Support Office sent the invitation letter to the 21 institutions and organizations which are related with tourism for appointment of representative who serve in the committee, in accordance with articles coming from institutions and organizations, committees were formed. 

Committees meetings were held in 2010. As a result of these meetings, preparation of Diyarbakir’s Tourism Strategy and Action Plan was agreed. As a result of Direct Support for Activities Program that conducted by Agency and application of Governance to this program, Diyarbakir’s Tourism Strategy and Action Plan 2011 – 2016 was prepared in 2011.

Hiring a stand in EMITT 2011 East Mediterranean International Tourism and Travel Exhibition Fair agreed by the Executive Board of Tourism Platform and attended to the fair. 

The ordinary meetings of Diyarbakir Tourism Platform in 2011 was held on April 20.2011 and on November 22.2011. TÜROFED vice – president and ATİD president Seçim AYDIN was invited as a speaker in the first meeting. Governorship of Diyarbakir, Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality, Diyarbakir Chamber of Commerce and Industry, relevant non-governmental organizations, Districts, tourism investors participated to the meeting and Diyarbakir tourism discussed by participants. At the same time, evaluation done about EMITT 2011 East Mediterranean International Tourism and Travel Exhibition held in February Istanbul and decided to begin preparations for participation to the EMITT 2012 East Mediterranean International Tourism and Travel Exhibition

Web site of Diyarbakir Tourism Platform established. 

The second ordinary meeting of Diyarbakir Tourism Platform was held on November 22, 2011. During the meeting, Diyarbakir’s Tourism Strategy and Action Plan 2011 – 2016 explained to the stakeholders with the participation of our Governor and Institutions, organizations, NGO’s which are going to take part in the Action Plan were determined. Also, Diyarbakir Tourism Platform web site  http://www.diyarbakirturizmplatformu.org/  introduced to the participants and were informed about EMITT 2012 East Mediterranean International Tourism and Travel Exhibition.

3.2 Joint Intelligence Meetings 

Meetings of Diyarbakir Agricultural Stakeholders Joint Intelligence Council are organized with the representatives of  Karacadag Development Agency, Directorate of Diyarbakir Province Food, Agriculture and Livestock, Dicle University Faculty of Agriculture and Faculty of Veterinary, Diyarbakir Provincial Coordinating of Agriculture and Rural Development Support Institution, Southeastern Anatolia Agricultural Research Institute, Provincial Directorate of Environment and Forest, Institution of Meat and Fish about discussing the agricultural problems of the province and trying to develop solution proposals. These meetings that due to bring together all parties related with agriculture provide opportunity to analyze current development in agriculture and livestock and these meetings provide an opportunity that Karacadağ Development Agency to determine its strategies accordingly. 

3.3 Other Collaborations 

  • Representatives of European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in charge of Turkey Oliver Descamps and Şevki Acuner informed the SMSs, NGOs and public institutions about the activities of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in Diyarbakir Chamber of Commerce and after meeting the representatives EBRD carried out field visit in Diyarbakir Organized Industry Zone.  
  • The meeting was held with the SAP – RDA 28, 29 January 2011 for businessmen about access of the private sector to the financing sources. Also promotion of investment opportunities in the province carried out by opening stand. 
  • A study visit carried out by Diyarbakir Investment Support experts to northern Iraq and stand was opened at the Suleymaniyeh Fair as a result of joint work with Export Promotion Center of Turkey on 19 – 22 January. In this context, Diyarbakir ISO evaluated the possibilities of cooperation by made in bilateral talks with Chambers of Commerce and Industry and other institutions and organizations.  
  • Workshop on problems of SME’s in Diyarbakir was held with bank’s employees and with the survey held after the workshop, report on SME’s problems prepared and forwarded to the relevant stakeholders and posted our website
  • Workshop on problems of SME’s in Diyarbakir was held in Diyarbakir with Diyarbakir Chamber of Certified Public Accountants.
  • Diyarbakir’s investment opportunities introduced to the businessmen invited from Germany to the Diyarbakir by Diyarbakir Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Karacadağ Development Agency and Diyarbakir Commodity Exchange. 
  • 28 May to 04 June 2011 made a study visit to Lebanon with Export Promotion Center of Turkey and participated to the 16. Beirut International Building and Construction Fair on 01 – 04 June. In this context, Commercial Counselor of Beirut, Beirut Chamber of Commerce Industry and Agriculture, Ministry of Economy and Trade, Lebanon Institute of Standards, Investment Development Authority of Lebanon, Beirut Merchants Association, Association of Lebanese Industrialists, Development and Reconstruction Council and Port of Beirut visited in Lebanon

4. Reports 

Diyarbakir Investment Support Office conducts a variety of research of the promotion of province and publishes informative documents for the investors on different topics. Works done by Diyarbakir Investment Support Office so far as follows;

a) Iraq Country Report

b) Mining Report 

c) Diyarbakir Organized Industrial Zone Natural Gas Report 

d) Investment Encouragement Report

e) Incentives and Support Guide

f) Livestock Report  

g) Investment Opportunities Guide in Agriculture

h) Fair Reports 

i) Iraq Study Visit and Sulaymaniyah Fair Report

j) Lebanon Study Visit and Beirut Construction Fair Report

k) Diyarbakir Marble Industry Report 

l) Cotton Report 

m) Diyarbakir Cungus District Status Report 

n) Diyarbakir Organized Industrial Zone Problems, Suggestions and Solutions report

o) Diyarbakir Legume Report 


Diyarbakir Investment Support Office opened stands in the following fairs in order to promote activities of Agency and investment opportunity of the Diyarbakir 

  • On 10 – 13 February 2011held in Istanbul, EMITT 2011 East Mediterranean International Tourism and Travel Exhibition,
  • On 19 – 22 January 2011 held in Sulaymaniyah, Sulaymaniahexpo Fair,
  • On 30 March – 03 April 2011 held in Diyarbakir, Middle East Manufacturing Machines Fair,
  • On 13 – 17 April 2011 held in Diyarbakir, 3. Middle East Agriculture and Livestock Fair,
  • On 28 – 31 May 2011 held in Istanbul, Texpo Eurasia 2011 and 8. International Istanbul Yarn Fair,
  • On 28 May – 04 June 2011 held in Beirut, Construction Technology and Building Materials Exhibition,
  • On 02 – 05 June 2011 held in Gaziantep, 6. Neighborhood Countries Exhibition,  
  • On 28 September – 02 October 2011 held in Diyarbakir, Middle East Food and Food Technologies Fair, 
  • On 13 – 16 October 2011 held in Diyarbakir, Middle East Construction Fair,
  • On 05 – 08 September 2011 held in Erbil, Building Materials and Construction Fair,  
  • On 08 – 11 September 2011 held in Izmir, Travel Turkey Tourism Fair.  


Diyarbakir Investment Support Office carries out a various activities about promotion investment of province. 

  • A booklet has been prepared that government incentives and support introduced to inform SMEs and entrepreneurs intended to invest in Diyarbakir 
  • Guide has been prepared that promoting investment opportunities of Diyarbakir on Agriculture and livestock. 
  • http://www.investdiyarbakir.com  web site has been prepared for publication that promoting the investment opportunities of Diyarbakir. in this website introduced investment potential of Diyarbakir, the current government incentives and situation of the sectors in the province.
  • provided that free advertising billboard in the Diyarbakir airport that carried out promotion of investment opportunities of Diyarbakir 
  • Prepared a presentation about investment environment of Diyarbakir and presented in the activities held in Diyarbakir Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Diyarbakir Commodity Exchange. 
  • Investment opportunities information note has been prepared about potential investment fields in Diyarbakir. 


Investment Support Offices constitute a new mechanism in the permits and license procedures. The mechanism that aimed to help investors and give them confidence is applied through Diyarbakir Investment Support Office in Diyarbakir. Therefore, being introduced tracking mechanism of permits and license processes from the single sources and its infrastructure is being created.  

Investors are one side of permit and license processes, public institutions and organizations are other side. It has to provided a good balance between these two parties when permits and license processes taken to complete by the Diyarbakir Investment Support Office. Otherwise there is risk of not completion of transaction or transaction takes longer than normal period. Until now, Diyarbakir Investment Support Office requested to identified liaison officer related to the permit and license procedures from institutions and organizations through sending an official letter.


  • Provided support to the Agency’s Fund Commission activities, 
  • Conducted the activities about improving dialogue with businessmen’s associations in the region and outside of the region,
  • Studies were conducted about establishment of Logistics Village in the places that are close to the Diyarbakir Organized Industrial Zone,  
  • Cluster studies were made, 
  • Studies have been done to increase exports amounts of Diyarbakir,
  • Given the support to carrying out Diyarbakir labor force analysis,
  • Studies were carried out about land allocation in the Diyarbakir Organized Industry Zone,
  • Project has written for promotion of Diyarbakir and applied to European Destination of Excellent Program. 
  • Provided contribution to the promotion of Diyarbakir’s culture and tourism through the press and broadcasting organizations, 
  • The Support has given to the studies of Karacadağ Regional Development Journal Editorial Board.
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