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University-Industry Cooperation Discussed in Diyarbakir
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Date Added : 04.11.2013 16:32:42

Panel held on University-Industry Cooperation, New Perspectives, New Strategies and Examples of Good Practices that jointly organized by Karacadağ Development Agency, World Newspaper and Dicle University in Dicle University Convention Center.

Hakan GÜLDAĞ World Newspaper Editor in Chief, Prof. Dr. Cengizhan ÖZTÜRK, Doc. Dr. Bilal SAVAŞ, Doc. Dr. Serdal TEMEL and DTS Transformer Chairman of the Board of Directors Kenan ASLAN attended to the panel.
In his opening speech, Diyarbakır Deputy Governor Mehmet DEMİR said that the industry has become very active in the last century. University-Industry Co-operation has developed very well in Europe, however, understanding the importance of University-Industry Co-operation in Turkey started recently. Furthermore Diyarbakır going to show a great improvement soon with the participation of the university to industry.
Before panel discussion Dicle University Vice- Chancellor Aytekin SIR said that thankfully, our region has been promoted through panel discussions and conferences and these are very positive developments.
After opening speech panel discussion started. Panel moderator Prof. Dr. Cengizhan ÖZTÜRK said that we need a strong research infrastructure for University-Industry Collaboration. Currently, there are huge gaps in the legislation to product the R&D based products in Turkey. This legislation issues need to be fixed in one or two years by decision authorities.
In the discussions, Dicle University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences faculty member Assc. Prof. Dr. Bilal SAVAŞ emphasis that knowledge-intensive goods-producing economies are rapidly evolving and getting stronger, therefore knowledge-intensive goods need to produced and sold.
Ege University EBILTEM Technology Transfer Office director Assc. Prof. Dr. Serdal TEMEL made a presentation titled "The Role of Universities in Regional Development and Case of EBILTEM". Dr. TEMEL said that competitiveness in the globalized economy is closely linked with distribution of assets and its rational uses, capable of strategic planning of the state, the presence of qualified human resources, information-sharing capabilities of universities, requests of production and labor sectors, responsibility and environmental awareness of civil society and after all of these desire and ability the to work together in different sectors.
DTS Transformer Chairman of the Board of Directors Kenan ASLAN by providing information about the company and where they stand, he said that our competitors are working hard in this reason we should make better innovation. It is not enough to produce a product. At the same time we need to produce a very good and low cost. Today in developed countries Universities has become the industry partner. We also need to be closer to the universities.

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