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Panel on Walls of Diyarbakir and Its Impacts to Tourism in UNESCO Nomination Process
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Date Added : 25.03.2014 11:44:09

Panels were organized by Diyarbakır Governorship, Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality and Diyarbakır Businessmen's Association on Walls of Diyarbakir and its impacts to tourism in the UNESCO Candidacy Process.

Speaking at the panel held in order to evaluate the candidature of Diyarbakir Walls, Diyarbakir Governor Mustafa Cahit KIRAÇ said that the number of tourists coming to Diyarbakir constitutes 1.43 percent of the total number of tourists coming to Turkey.
The issues highlighted in the panel are as follows;
This city where civilization that built on one another has obtained a culture from each of the civilizations and has transferred this culture to the younger generations for centuries.
It has been experienced a large increase in the number of tourists coming with settlement process. The goal to be among the five countries that earn the highest tourism revenue especially in 2023 will be significant returns for Diyarbakir.
Application has been made on behalf of Diyarbakır Walls to be included in UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List. It is possible to see how the solution would be found for problems experienced today looking at writing written by many civilizations on the walls.
Dozens incentives package has been announced on behalf of the region's development in the last 20-30 years. But still nothing has developed except that several factories in the region. Conflict and inadequate infrastructure were among the main reasons. On the one hand our infrastructure problems gradually resolved, the other hand, we are in a peace process. In April 2012, the incentive law for investors who want to invest in the region bringing in new benefits. In particular, supporting employment and investment costs is very valuable. These supports are even more important especially in the field of tourism.
We got to the airport opened to international flights. There is an ongoing project but have no time to wait. As soon as the Diyarbakır Erbil flights must be started.
Protection of history and culture should be a life model. For this efforts to create social awareness and self-sacrifice should be continued endlessly.

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