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Spain Study Visit Completed!
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Date Added : 23.01.2015 15:25:11

The delegation consisting of governors of Sanliurfa and Diyarbakir with the members of Karacadag Development Agency’s Administrative Board and agency’s staff investigated logistics and renewable energy projects on site in Spain. Zaragoza Logistics Center and solar energy production centers in Seville are the World’s most important investments in their sectors and it is indicated that these centers could be an example for similar investments in Diyarbakir and Sanliurfa. Study visit carried out under the presidency of Huseyin AKSOY, governor of Diyarbakir.

Within the scope of the program, Madrid Development Agency, Zaragoza Logistics Center, Andalusian Foreign Trade Promotion Agency, Gemasolar Solar Energy Plant belonged to Torresol Energy Company, and PS10 and PS20 Solar Energy Plant belonged to Abengoa Solar was visited and investigations were made.

Investigation at Gemasolar Solar Power Plant 

The delegation made investigations at Gemasolar Solar Power Plant owned by Torresol Energy Company in Seville. During visit, authorized person Gonzalo Azcarra Gonzalo made a presentation about Torresol Energy Company and Gemasolar Solar Power Plant. Gemasolar Solar Power Plant is the only solar power plant that produces energy from the sun with Solar Tower Technology. The Plant has been operating since 2011 and the total cost was EUR 244 million. The plant which made production with concentrated solar power provides production of solar energy during 24 hours and has storage facility. The Plant has 2,650 mirrors which are called heliostat and these heliostats reflects sun to tower and height of the tower is 140 m. Plant’s annual energy generation is 110 GWh.

Investigation at PS10 and PS20 Solar Energy Plants

The delegation visited PS10 and PS20 Solar Energy Plants owned by Abengoa Solar Company. During the visit, the delegation was accompanied by Luis Flores Rejano, Company Corporate Communications Officer, and Mert OZGENC, Abengoa Turkey Business Development Manager. They informed the delegation about solar energy production system. Abengoa Solar is a company that develops and implements technology to produce electricity from the sun. The company has offices in Madrid and Seville and it has offices also in Turkey. PS10 and PS20 solar power plants located in Seville and they have 150 MW capacity. These plants are generating energy by using thermal and parabolic system.

A Center That Reaches 25 Million Consumers: Zaragoza Logistic Center

The delegation visited Zaragoza Logistic Center that is one of the largest logistics center in Europe and is defined as dry port. Isabel Ortiz Velasco, Center’s Marketing Manager, made a presentation about Zaragoza Logistics Center. According to this presentation, Logistics Center located equidistantly to Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao and Valencia. Companies can easily transport their products to 25 Million consumers via our logistics center. The Center provides 365 days 24 hours customs clearance services. The Center is in a very advantageous position due to take place right next to the airport, the railway and major highways. With its location and its facilities the center is Europe’s most important logistics base. After the presentation, a site visit was carried out at the Center.

Madrid Development Agency: Make Companies Ready for the Business Life

The delegation visited Madrid Development Agency and during the visit, Jesus Orejas, Vice President of the Investment Support Office, informed the delegation about the development agency and its activities. According to his speech, Madrid Development Agency was built within the municipality of Madrid in 2005. Missions of the development agency are; in Madrid and its region ensure the establishment of new companies enhance the spirit of entrepreneurship and attract foreign firms to Madrid. In this context, between the years 2005-2011 the agency have received 26 million Euros support and through this support the agency established 6 business development center. A part of this project was supported by EU funds. Ownership of these centers belongs to municipality but operating is rented to private sector. Each of the centers is operating in different areas of specialization. For instance, one of the centers dealing with R&D in the field of technology and another one is operating in fashion and textile.

EXTENDA: Trade Promotion Agency of Andalucía

The delegation visited Trade Promotion Agency of Andalucía and during the visit Juan Manuel Lopez Doublas, Coordinator of the Corporate Affairs Office, made presentation about EXTENDA and its activities. According to this presentation, the agency which was built in 1985 offers promotion, support and consulting, training and financial services to entrepreneurs and investors in the region through its 65 employees and 24 offices in 23 countries. The agency is serving 2,500 companies per year and is helping firms in the region to open up to international markets through exporting.

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