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Diyarbakir and Sanliurfa Investment Support Offices (ISOs) conducted 546 interviews with investors/entrepreneurs in the 2014. ISOs have been given general information about the work of the Agency and Investment Support Offices. ISOs also informed investors and entrepreneurs about the following topics:

·     Karacadag Development Agency’s supports

·     Current government grants

·     Business development

·     Financial instruments

·     Fair organizations and fair participation

·     Allocation of space in Organized Industrial Zones

·     Allocation of treasury lands

www.investsanliurfa.com, www.investinurfa.org.tr, www.investdiyarbakir.com web sites have been used to promote investment opportunities of Diyarbakir and Sanliurfa.

Diyarbakir and Sanliurfa Investment Support Offices participated to several exhibitions and business trips in national and international level to promote business and investment opportunities of Diyarbakir-Sanliurfa Region in collaboration with relevant organizations. Some of these are listed below;

·     Southeastern Trade and Investment Summit,

·     EMITT Tourism Fair,

·     ITB Berlin Tourism Fair,

·     Middle East Agriculture and Livestock Fair,

·     Middle East Construction and Municipal Needs Fair,

·     Middle East Woodworking Machinery Furniture Sub-industry Fair,

·     115th Chinese Import and Export Fair,

·     Panel on Diyarbakır Walls and It’s Contribution to Tourism in UNESCO Nomination Process,

·     Southeastern Anatolia Promotion Tour for Japanese Tour Operators,

·     Saudi Arabia Trade Missions Organization,

·     Bulgaria Plovdiv Tour Operators Meeting

·     2014 Dubai Gulfood

·     Second Sanliurfa Construction and Decoration Fair

·     Sanliurfa Food, Agriculture and Livestock Fair

·     Izmir International Fair

·     Feshane Diyarbakir Promotion Days

·     Middle East Exhibition of Textile Machinery

·     Travel Turkey Izmir Fair

·     Study visit to İzmir with Diyarbakir Businessman

·     Netherlands Business Trip

·     Diyarbakir Logistics Industry Summit

·     Konya Business Trip

·     Turkey Innovation Fair 2014

·     World Travel Market Fair

Activities in order to establish Sanliurfa Technology Development and Training Center, Diyarbakir Textile Organized Industrial Zone have been carried out by ISOs. ISO’s have also contributed to Diyarbakir Logistics Specialized Organized Industrial Zone, Sanliurfa Textile Island Project, Development, Employability and Social Integration of Disadvantaged Persons Project Sanliurfa: World's Oldest Cuisine Project, Sanliurfa Food Specialized Industrial Zone and Sanliurfa Cobblers Zone.

A variety of researches and analysis were done and informative documents were prepared and published for the promotion of the provinces. Some of them as follows:

·     Diyarbakir Foreign Trade Report

·     Diyarbakir Marble Industry Report

·     The Impact of the New Incentive System to the Diyarbakir Report was updated.

·     Foreign trade market research of wooden building and woodworking tools for construction and joinery products was completed and posted on the website.

·     Article on Karacadag Development Agency Renewable Energy Financial Assistance Program was prepared for GAP Green Magazine.

·     Evaluation activities were carried out for application files of allocation of plots and business plan. In this context, 70 files were evaluated during the reporting period.

·     Previous industrial inventory studies in Diyarbakir were examined and industry database has been created.

·     Acitivities forestablishment of Diyarbakir Food Specialized Organized Industrial Zone have been carried out.

·     New Incentive System brochure updated

·     Preparation of Aleppo Garden Mosaics Promotion Materials continues

·     Sanliurfa Gastronomy Film was prepared

·     Firms' Investment Incentive Certificate Application Process has been followed up and 261 monitoring activities were realized. 

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