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Institutional Collaborations

In the first article of the Law No: 5449 on establishment, coordination and duties of Development Agencies It is expressed enhancing cooperation among public sector, private sector and NGO’s in the organizational goals of Development Agencies. For this purpose, our Agency interacts with relevant institutions / organizations and NGO’s through regular meetings and visits. Support of relevant institutions and organizations taken expressing to mobilize an important dynamic in development of the region

In this context, the Agency's corporate collaborations are listed below:

Included to the Diyarbakir Governorship Call Center

Karacadag Development Agency was included to the Diyarbakir Governorship call Center System (444 21 01) from the date of April 7, 2010. Citizens can receive information about activities; grant programs of the Agency and investments in Diyarbakir, transmit every kind of requests and complaints to the Agency.

Becoming a Member of the European Association of Development Agencies

Our Agency became a member of European Association of Development Agencies which is short name called as EURADA on April 26, 2010. As a non – profit organization based in Brussels, Belgium in 1991, serving in 25 countries and it has 144 member.

Ø To ensure sharing of experience among Regional Development Agencies established in different countries,

Ø To conduct research on the EU's regional development strategies,

Ø To develop cooperation projects between different development agencies,

Ø To introduce and promote the best practices and innovative techniques in regional economic development,

Ø To create a common communication platform among Regional Development Agencies for sharing of technical knowledge and expertise,

Ø To coordinate cooperation projects funded by the European Commission,

Ø To give technical advice and training to the newly established Regional Development Agencies among members of it.  

Compliance, Advisory and Steering Committees for European Union

Compliance, Advisory and Steering Committee was formed within each provincial governorship in order to provide governorships operate more effectively on subject of implementation of legislative and administrative reforms that put into practice in the EU accession process, tracking of it, a better understanding of EU accession process before public, efficient using of EU financial resources by public institutions, NGO’s and private organizations and individuals. Karacadağ Development Agency represented by Secretariat General and PPCU Head in this committees that started operate at Sanliurfa and Diyarbakir Governorships Provincial Directorate of Planning and Coordinating Secretariat

Provincial Employment and Vocational Training Committees

Provincial Employment and Vocational Training Committees established to determine workforce, employment and vocational needs of province in accordance with article 13o f law no. 4904.

Our Agency participates as a observer member to the committees established within Diyarbakir and Sanliurfa Governorships.

KOYDES Provincial Allocation Commissions

Development Agencies began to participate as observes to KOYDES Provincial Allocation Commissions on writing the Ministry of Development. In this context, It has been participated to the KOYDES Provincial Allocation Commission Meetings held in Diyarbakir and Sanliurfa.

Diyarbakir Tourism Platform

Tourism Platform meeting was held with broad participation on May 28, 2010 in Karacadag Development Agency seminar hall in order to maintain the positive atmosphere that occurs after Tourism Conference held on May 3, 2010.

Governorship of Diyarbakir, Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality, Diyarbakir Chamber of Commerce and Industry, relevant non-governmental organizations, Districts and tourism investors participated to the meeting that Agency took an active role in. At the end of the meeting, task of secretariat was given to the Diyarbakir Investment Support Office.

Executive Board of Tourism Platform had its first meeting in the month of July 2010 and Publicity and Awareness Committee and Planning and Infrastructure Committee was decided to establish for the determination of Diyarbakir Tourism Strategy. In this direction, Diyarbakir Investment Support Office sent the invitation letter to the 21 institutions and organizations which are related with tourism for appointment of representative who serve in the committee, in accordance with articles coming from institutions and organizations, committees were formed.

Committees meetings were held in 2010. As a result of these meetings, preparation of Diyarbakir’s Tourism Strategy and Action Plan was agreed. As a result of Direct Support for Activities Program that conducted by Agency and application of Governance to this program, Diyarbakir’s Tourism Strategy and Action Plan 2011 – 2016 was prepared in 2011.

Hiring a stand in EMITT 2011 East Mediterranean International Tourism and Travel Exhibition Fair agreed by the Executive Board of Tourism Platform and attended to the fair.

The ordinary meetings of Diyarbakir Tourism Platform in 2011 was held on April 20.2011 and on November 22.2011. TÜROFED vice – president and ATİD president Seçim AYDIN was invited as a speaker in the first meeting. Governorship of Diyarbakir, Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality, Diyarbakir Chamber of Commerce and Industry, relevant non-governmental organizations, Districts, tourism investors participated to the meeting and Diyarbakir tourism discussed by participants. At the same time, evaluation done about EMITT 2011 East Mediterranean International Tourism and Travel Exhibition held in February Istanbul and decided to begin preparations for participation to the EMITT 2012 East Mediterranean International Tourism and Travel Exhibition. Web site of Diyarbakir Tourism Platform established.

The second ordinary meeting of Diyarbakir Tourism Platform was held on November 22, 2011. During the meeting, Diyarbakir’s Tourism Strategy and Action Plan 2011 – 2016 explained to the stakeholders with the participation of our Governor and Institutions, organizations, NGO’s which are going to take part in the Action Plan were determined. Also, Diyarbakir Tourism Platform web site http://www.diyarbakirturizmplatformu.org/ introduced to the participants and were informed about EMITT 2012 East Mediterranean International Tourism and Travel Exhibition.

Joint Intelligence Meetings 

Meetings of Diyarbakir Agricultural Stakeholders Joint Intelligence Council are organized with the representatives of Karacadag Development Agency, Directorate of Diyarbakir Province Food, Agriculture and Livestock, Dicle University Faculty of Agriculture and Faculty of Veterinary, Diyarbakir Provincial Coordinating of Agriculture and Rural Development Support Institution, Southeastern Anatolia Agricultural Research Institute, Provincial Directorate of Environment and Forest, Institution of Meat and Fish about discussing the agricultural problems of the province and trying to develop solution proposals. These meetings that due to bring together all parties related with agriculture provide opportunity to analyze current development in agriculture and livestock and these meetings provide an opportunity that Karacadağ Development Agency to determine its strategies accordingly.

Sanliurfa Local Platform for Enhancing the Competitive Power (SUYERGEP) 

Sanliurfa Local Platform for Enhancing the Competitive Power (SUYERGEP) is a local mechanism that functions the following tasks: Implementing, coordinating, and monitoring the main vision and strategies as part of the Integrated Industrial Development Plan (ESKP) that aims to enhance the competitive power of Sanliurfa, and improving the cooperation of public and private sectors in addressing the main problems of the city starting with those of strategically important sectors. Therefore, the Platform implements the ESKP, which is a road map for Sanliurfa’s economic development until 2020.

Protection Committee

Protection Committee which has important functions about prevention of relapse and to be compensated for the harm done to the victims has been established for elimination of psycho-social and economic problems of crime victims that they face due to crime, reintegrate offenders released from penal institutions in to the society with minimizing the impact and consequences of crime on issues they need. Agency participates the meetings hold each month as an active member of the protection committee since November 2010

Membership of Working Group on Social Entrepreneurship

Employees of the Agency participated to the session on Social Entrepreneurship performed in the context of the theme what is happening in the Regional Development and DOGAKA made a presentation in the Program of Development Agencies Conference stated that they were interested in the subject and argued that the Agencies to be more active in this field. Therefore the idea of the creation of an interagency working group that works in the field of social entrepreneurship and develop proposals for supporting more actively social entrepreneurship was born. Head of Planning Programming Coordination Unit participated to the working groups meeting held in Ankara on 08.07.2011, 17.08.2011 in Istanbul on 07.10.2011 and Diyarbakir on 23.11.2011 as a member of social entrepreneurship working group. In addition, has prepared a research report about the conceptual framework of social entrepreneurship and submitted to the group members in working group meeting. Karacadag Development Agency hosted to the working group meeting dated 23.11.2011.

Member of the Organizing Committee of Second Conference of Development Agencies

It is decided to hold Second Conference of Development Agencies that is continuation of First Conference of Development Agencies hosted by KUDAKA held in Erzurum from 16 to 19 June 2011 by Silk Road Development Agency in Gaziantep. Planning Programming Coordination Unit has undertaken the task on organization of Second Development Agencies Conference. Specialist Zuhal Celebi contributed to the preparatory work

Other Collaborations

Ø Study visit was organized to Lebanon between May 28 – June 04 with IGEME. In this context, Republic of Turkey Commercial Counselor of Beirut, Beirut Chamber of Commercial, Industry and Agriculture, Ministry of Economy and Trade, Lebanon Standards Institute, Investment Development Authority of Lebanon, Beirut Merchants Association, Lebanese Industrialists Association, Development and Reconstruction Council, Beirut Port. 

Ø Providing participation to the National Investment Support and Promotion Strategy Workshop, cooperation opportunities were evaluated with the Investment Support and Promotion Agency held by Prime Ministry Investment Support and Promotion Agency.

Ø Cooperation was made with Republic of Turkey Central Bank Diyarbakir Branch and Agricultural Bank Diyarbakir Regional Directorate in order to provide moralize information of project owners. 

Ø Conducted consultations and negotiations with Guarantee Bank aiming to contribute to solving problems of co-financing of project owners.   

Ø It has participated in the information meeting about TUBITAK – Ministry of Environment Ataturk Dam Protection Plan. Meeting was held with TUBITAK Committee which visited our Agency.

Ø It is provided contribution to the preparation and writing of research reports related to assessment of inland waters of the Euphrates. For this purpose, 15. Regional Directorate of DSİ, Sanliurfa Environment and Forestry Directorate, Regional Directorate of GAP RDA, Bozova District and Municipality, Birecik District and Municipality were visited with Sanliurfa ISO. Information was obtained about status of existing infrastructure and project proposals.  

Ø Meetings were held in February in Gaziantep and in April in Mardin with Silkroad Development Agency and Tigris Development Agency for preparation of three monthly news bulletins and design of Turkey and Syria Interregional Cooperation Program Website. News bulletin that prepared in cooperation with agency of these three was sent to Tigris Development Agency, Silkroad Development Agency and Ministry of Development.

Ø Meeting was held with Netherlands Trade Delegation on March 20 to 21 in Ankara.

Ø On April 19 2011 participated to the meeting with our Agency, Undersecretariat  of Maritime, Silkroad Development Agency, Euphrates Development Agency representatives about assessment report of Euphrates basin internal water potential and contributed to the research .

Ø Participated to the Diyarbakir Tourism Platform held on April 20 2011 and Project Development Workshop organized by Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology Regional Competitiveness Program Coordination and Implementation Centre on April 27-29 2011.

Ø On May 12 2011 participated to the Third Social Sciences Symposium called Role of Education on Regional Development supported by Agency’s Direct Financial Support Program 2010 and organized Tigris University Social Research Center

Ø On May 18 2011 participated to the Human Resources Development Operational Program Presentation Meeting organized by Ministry of Labor and Social Security Coordination Department of the European Union. Following this meeting, on June 20, 2011 Focus Group Meeting organized by Ministry of Labor and Social Security with high – level participation of relevant institutions and organizations under the Human Resources Development Operational Program (HRD OP) Regional Needs Analysis (RNA) in Sanliurfa Investment Support Office Board of Directors Meeting Hall. Within the same context, Focus Group Meetings was organized with high – level participation of relevant institutions and organizations on June 22, 2011 in Diyarbakir Agency Seminar Hall

Ø On June 16 – 19, 2011 participated to the First Development Agencies Conference performed in Erzurum and participated to the Diyarbakir Tourism Strategy Workshop organized by Governorship of Diyarbakir under activity support given within the 2010 Agency Direct Financial Support Program.


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