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Planning Programming and Coordination Activities

Some of the studies carried out in 2012 are listed below; 

  • The Tenth Development Plan and the National Strategy for Regional Development Preparatory Studies,
  • Southeastern Anatolia Project  Action Plan Revision Studies (2013 - 2017),
  • TRC2 Regional Plan Study (2014-2023), 
  • National Earthquake Strategy - 2023 (UDSEP - 2023) Action Plan Studies,
  • Programming. 

Furthermore, various researches carried out and reports were prepared. Some of them are as follows;

  • Monthly Economic Outlook,
  • Diyarbakır in Statistics,
  • Şanlıurfa in Statistics,
  • Status Report about the Problems of Nomads who are Living in TİGEM Land,
  • Çermik Thermal Tourism Report,
  • TRC2 Region Urbanization, Quality of Life and Urban Regeneration Report,
  • TRC2 Region Employment and Labor Market Report,
  • Allocations and Realizations Report for Şanlıurfa in Southeastern Anatolia Project Action Plan 2008 - 2012,
  • ŞUTGEM Demand Analysis Report,
  • Spain-Barcelona Study Visit Report, 
  • South Korea - Seoul and Japan - Tokyo Study Visit Report, 
  • Economic and Social Impact Report of Syria Crisis.

Financial and Technical Assistance Programs

Karacadağ Development Agency implemented Direct Financial Assistance Program for Activities and Technical Support Program considering the basic objectives and priorities stated in TRC2 Region 2011 - 2013 Regional Plan. 

In addition, call for proposals was announced for financial support will be given in 2013 within three separate programs in the last quarter of 2012.

Direct Support for Activities 

27 applications were made for 2012 Direct Financial Support Program for Activity and total budget of 325.000 TL. 8 applicant have been supported.

Technical Support 

28 applications have been submitted under the 2012 technical Support Program and provided technical support to 17 organizations and institutions.

Financial Support Programs in 2013

As of October 15, 2012 Agency announced call for proposals for financial support programs specified in the table below. 22 information meeting was held and a total of 799 people participated in these meetings. 

In addition, 9 Units with 2-day Project Preparation Training was held and a total of 137 people participated.

 Also hundred of question were answered via telephone and e-mail and these answered questions published in the Agency's web site under the name of "Frequently Asked Questions". Technical table service provided to the potential applicants in Diyarbakır and Şanlıurfa.

O. N.

Program Name

Program Budget (TL)

Application Deadline


Economic Development Financial Support Program 


28 December 2012


Tourism Infrastructure Financial Support Program


28 December 2012


Industrial Infrastructure Financial Assistance Program


28 December 2012

Grand Total 


As the last date of application, a total of 276 projec applications were made for these programs and technical and financail evaluation of the project proposals were initiated by the end of the year. 

Growth Centres Support Program

The main objective of the Growth Centers Support Program is to give impetus to the economic development of these urban centers and kept the internal migration within its territory through spreading development to the nearby centers in relatively less developed regions with strategic supports provided urban centers that are a high potential to grow and serve their surroundings. 

Program was started in 2008 in Diyarbakır selected as a pilot province. A total of 17 projects were supported with 47,291,603.15 TL during the periods of 2008 - 2010. Implementation of these projects have been completed.

39,447,366.00 TL were transferred to the Agency for used in an equal amount in two provinces at the begining of 2012 for Diyarbakır and Şanlıurfa implementation of Growth Centers Support Program.

Meetings held within the Growth Centers Support Program, project applications submitted to the Ministry of Development by making necessary checks on project applications and contract invitation were sent to the applicants who are eligible to receive support.

Under this program, major infrastructure projects have been implemented for opening the historical and cultural values to the tourism. At present, 6 projects have been implemented in Diyarbakır with total budget of 16,722,780.32 TL. and implementation of two projects in Şanlıurfa is underway since 2010, a total budget of these projects is 46,943,765.66 TL.

Monitoring and Evaluation Activities

Monitoring and evaluation of projects and activities done. Two - month progress reports are submitted to the Administrative Board on a regular basis.

Also, monitoring and evaluation activities of projects under the Growth Centers Support Program that are transferred to the Agency by Ministry of Development carried out and 3-month progress reports submitted to the Ministry of Development

Legal Advisory Activities

The case has been followed that requesting the annul the decision of the Agency on termination of the contract and dismissed by the court of first instance. This case is past the stage of the appeal and the revision of the decision and finalized in favor of the Agency.

In addition, a variety of legal issues, information notes and reports prepared and submitted to the Secretary-General.

Investment Support and Promotion Activities

Diyarbakır and Şanlıurfa Investment Support Offices (ISOs) conducted 922 interviews with investors/entrepreneurs during the 2012. General information is provided about work of the Agency and Investment Support Offices. Besides; topics of information given is listed below; 

  • Karacadağ Development Agency Supports, 
  • Current government grants,
  • Information on business development, 
  • Varied financing instruments,
  • Fair organizations and fair participation,
  • Allocation of space in OIZ,
  • Allocation of treasury lands

www.investinsanliurfa.com, www.investinurfa.org.tr, www.investdiyarbakir.com web sites has been published for promoting investment opportunities of Diyarbakır and Şanlıurfa. During the reporting period these web sites were updated.

A variety of research and analysis have been made and informative documents in different topics published for promotion of the provinces by Diyarbakır and Şanlıurfa Investment Support Office. Investment Support Offices has partcipated in severel exhibitions in order to promote business and investment opportunities of provinces at national and international level with relevant organizations.

In addition Investment Support Offices Experts Carried out studies such as Şanlıurfa Technology Development and Training Center, Textile Island in Şanlıurfa Organized Industrial Zone, Establishment Textile Center in Diyarbakır.

Support Unit Activities

1,706 news has taken place in media during the reporting period about activities of the Agency, these news published national, local and regional newspapers and at the same time taken place in 579 internet sites. 140 news prepared and served to the Agency website. Provided that Agency Secretary General interviews with 17 media outlet such as TRT Documentary, TRT News, TRT GAP Radio, Bloomberg TV, Diyarbakır Local TV, TV21, Space TV, Canal Urfa, Eddessa TV, Anatolian Agency, Doğan News Agency, Posta Newspaper, World Newspaper.

The second and Third issue of Karacadağ Regional Development Magazine were released.

Agency have been awarded TS EN ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System and ISO / IEC 27001: 2005 Information Security Management System certificates.

Overseas Study Visits

2 overseas study visit conducted with the participation of President of Agency Administrative Board and members, Chairman of the Develoment Committee, and Agency's staff.

Spain Study Visit  

Spain study visit conducted with the participation of Karacadağ Development Agency Administrative Board President and members, Agency Secretary General, 5 expert and 1 expert from Ministry of Development General Directorate of Regional Development and Structural Adjustment between 18 to 25 February 2012.

It is aimed to communicate with institutions an organizations in the field of development, benefit from the experience of the actors involved and examine successful practices in the field of agriculture - food - logistics - employment and tourism.

Institutions visited are listed below under the program:

  • Catalan Local Management Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries, Food and Natural Environment, 
  • Republic of Turkey Barcelona General Consulate,
  • ACCIO,
  • AGBAR,
  • ZAL Logistics Center,
  • SOC,
  • Association of Municipalities
  • CosmoCaxia Science and Technology Museum

South Korea - Japan Study Visit 

Karacadağ Development Agency held meeting with leading institution / organization / representatives of the private sector in economic, social and infrastructure fields under the study visit carried out to South Korea and Japan between 15 to 23 Semtember 2012.

Under the program, institutions visited are listed below:

  • Republic of Turkey Seoul Embassy,
  • KOIMA – Korea Importers Association,
  • Korea Development Institute (KDI), 
  • Korea International Trade Association (KITA), 
  • Compact Smart City,
  • Republic of Turkey Tokyo Embassy,
  • Japan - Middle East Cooperation Center (JCCME), 
  • Prime Ministry Investment Support and Promotion Agency Tokyo Office,
  • Vege Tech Company,
  • JATA Tourism and Travel Fair.


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