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Program Management Unit is the unit responsible for programmes of Regional and International Regional Cooperation, Direct Support for Activities and Technical Support. The Unit is responsible for the course starting with comprising guide for project applicants and other documents, determination of the projects/activities entitled to get financial/technical support and eventually signing a contract with the applicants within the scope of all financial and technical supports.

The Responsibilities and Competences of Program Management Unit are:

a.  Constituting and updating outline of the application mechanism of the supports to be provided.

b. Within the scope of grant programmes, determining the terms of application and evaluation criteria within the frame of Development Agencies’ Support Management Guide. 

c. Preparing and distributing the guide for proposers for potential beneficiaries.

d. Preparing the guides for proposers for applications of Direct Support for Activities and Technical Support and submitting the up-to-date version of these in the website.

e. Taking measures for making support programmes widely known throughout the region.

f. Planning and performing training programmes devoted to project drafting for potential beneficiaries. 

g. Providing everyone with getting information all at once by webifying the questions directed by potential beneficiaries with their answers at Agency’s Web Site under the title of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

h. Accepting and enregistering the project applications.

i. Making corrections related to request for proposals when needed.

j. Planning and manipulating the phase of project evaluation.

k. Determining the selection criteria for independent assessors will be charged for evaluation of the proposals and taking an active role in selection period of the independent assessors.

l. Evaluating the performance of the independent assessors.

m. Releasing “the list of projects entitled and not entitled to get a support” which was defined by the ex-post evaluation done by assessment committee and approved by council to the public.

n. Informing the applicants about their application results of evaluation by providing their justification.

o. Revizing the awarded projects’ budgets in the light of evaluations and informing the project owners concerning the issue before signing contracts.

p. Inviting awarded projects’ owners to sign contracts.

q. Providing access to project applications, evaluation phase and basic information for projects entitled to get a support within the data system.

r. Assigning the related information and documets belonging to the projects entitled to get a support to Monitoring and Evaluation Unit.

s. Within the scope of Unit’s duty and actiivities, carrying out studies devoted to cooperation with national and international institutions and capacity building.







Diyadin İNAN 

Yıldız Technical University


Head of Unit



Çukurova University



» Secretary General
» Planning Programming and Coordination Unit (PPCU)
» Monitoring and Evaluation Unit (MEU)
» Foreign Relations and Funds Unit (FRFU)
» Support Unit
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