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Monitoring and Evaluation Unit (MEU)

Monitoring and Evaluation Unit performs the monitoring and evaluation of the Plans and Programs supported by the Agency. For this purpose, MEU carries out studies of data collecting, analyzing, notification and using them. The Unit also ensures that financial supports provided to the beneficiaries by the Agency are utilized effectively, efficiently and in a sustainable way. Therefore, MEU is closey concerned with implementation and monitoring process of the projects that are supported through the grant programs, their compliance with the relevant laws and procedures.   

Monitoring and Evaluation Unit's mission and authority are as follows :

a) To monitor, audit, evaluate and report the results of the  activities and projects supported for the implementation of the Regional Development Plan and Programs and submits the monitoring and evaluation reports  to  Administrative Board of the Agency and the Ministry of Development.

b) To contribute to the determination the performance indicators for the evaluation of financial and technical support programs and projects.

c) To evaluate, prepare periodic evaluation reports and to perform impact assesment evaluation about Programs that are carried out by the Agency. 

d) To contribute to determination legal and instutional framework for essential rules, responsibilities, and documents that are used for Monitoring and Evaluation of the Agency’s support in coordination with the Ministry of Development. 

e) To coordinate Monitoring Information System.

f) To prepare contracts that signed with beneficiaries and participate actively in process of contract signing. 

g) To perform pre-monitoring visit to projects that required by the Secretariat General. 

h) To prepare and submit a report to the Secretary General about the amount and suitability of advance payments in accordance with the needs analysis.

i) To provide relevant training to beneficiaries about projects’/activities’ procedures on procurement practices and procedures, use of Monitoring Information System, reporting; to prepare an Implementation Guideline  for this goal and to support beneficiaries about problems they might face.

j) To perform monitoring visits to beneficiaries.

k) To assist to the projects and activities to accomplish the goals and targets predicted in the process of project proposal application, to ensure proper proceeding in accordance with the contract, principles, rules and procedures.

l) To take corrective and preventive measures in advance by identifing the risks and if necessary, to initiate the steps such as changes to the contract, termination, irregularities, repayment… and so on.

m) To evaluate the reports submitted by beneficiaries and process requests for payment on time and to audit the conformity of the payments with the procedures.

n) To perform the studies about institutional cooperation at local, national and internatinoal levels and capacity building about the missions and activities of the unit.

Currently, 7 specialists are working at Monitoring and Evaluation Unit which are depicted at the table below.










Head of Unit


Bedri YAY

Marmara University

Industrial Engineering



M. Cüneyit ATEŞ

Mustafa Kemal University

Public Administration



Bünyamin SÜNE

Ankara University

International Relations



Eser Çağlar YILMAZ

Marmara University



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