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Secretary-General is the chief manager of the Secretariat General and Investment Support Offices. He/she is also the spending authority of the Agency. 

The duties and authorities of the secretary general are as follows: 

a) to prepare the agenda of the Board of Director’s meetings, to participate in those meetings and to extend his opinion and proposals. 

b) to follow-up and ensure the implementation of the decisions of Board of Directors.

c) to use authorities delegated by Board of Directors.

d) to offer proposals to the Board of Directors in order to put the advice from the Development Committee in use. 

e) to prepare annual work plan and budget, and submit them to the Board of Directors, and to ensure the implementation. 

f) to take measures to ensure the timely reporting and submission of semi-annual and annual activity reports to the Ministry of Development.

g) to collect revenues of the Agency, to make the expenditures within the framework of the procedures and principles  determined by the relevant legislation, and in accordance with the decisions of the Board of Directors and the budget. 

h) to decide on the purchase, sale and rent of moveable properties except for vehicles, and purchase of service according to the limits to be determined by the Board of Directors. 

i) to provide the necessary cooperation and coordination with the public, private and non-profit organizations in matters within scope of Agency’s activities. 

j) to engage in/organize activities for improving project development and implementation capacity of people, institutions and organisations in the region.

k) to assess project and activity proposals of private sector, nongovernmental organisations and local administrations and make suggestions to Administrative Board to provide financial support.

l) to monitor, evaluate, audit and report the supported projects and activities.

m) to cooperate and develop joint projects with domestic and foreign institutions and agencies related to regional development. 

n) to provide technical assistance to planning activities of the local administrations.  

o) to perform secretarial activities and other services within the scope of duties of the Agency. 

p) to submit proposals to the Board of Directors regarding the settlement of the human resources regime and policy of the Agency. 

q) to monitor, implement and improve the human resources policy of the Agency. 

r) to prepare an annual report regarding the human resources policy in practice and submit it to the Board of Directors at the end of December each year. 

r) to attend the national and international meetings about regional development on behalf of the Secretariat General of the agency and carry out foreign contacts. 

s) to determine the performance criteria of the personnel and evaluate their performance. 

t) to make proposals to the Administrative Board related to personnel’s recruitment and

termination of contracts. 

The Secretary General reports to the Board of Directors of the Agency for his/her duties. 


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