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International Diyarbakır Symposium Begins
International Diyarbakır Symposium started that Diyarbakır Governorship and Dicle University jointly organized. Governor Hüseyin AKSOY, Ak Party Diyarbakır deputy Galip ENSARİOGLU, The former Minister Abdulkadir AKSU, Rector of Dicle University Dr. Talip GÜL, Theology professor. Dr. Nihat HATİPOĞLU, Businessmen Nihat ÖZDEMİR, Diyarbakir artists Erkan PETEKKAYA and İzzet YİLDİZHAN and students and a large number of citizens attended to the opening of the symposium at the Dicle University Congress Center.

Diyarbakir Governor Hüseyin AKSOY, who made the opening speech of the symposium, said that Diyarbakir, which has hosted 33 civilizations, is a city with a history of 13 thousand years. Governor Aksoy said that Diyarbakır Walls on the list of UNESCO World Cultural Heritage is ranked first in the world in terms of both height and oldness. Citadel that you will discover the depths of history at each step is the most important memory of this city. Diyarbakır is an important belief and culture center of all times and today with the Prophet's ve Sahabe tombs, Ulucami  the fifth Harem-i Sharif of Islamic religion, the temples of different beliefs, the archeological sites of Ergani, Bismil and Silvan. Our state attaches special importance to Diyarbakır that has history and culture richness for further develop the quality of life of our citizens, to improve their social and economic position and to increase employment.