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About Us

Karacadag Development Agency was established in order to operate in TRC2 Region by decision of the Council of Ministers. The Agency was officially opened on 5 December 2009. Diyarbakir and Sanliurfa Investment Support Offices began operations in 2010.

Mission and Vision

TRC2 Region’s (Diyarbakir - Sanliurfa) Vision; New Attraction Center of the Middle East with its Growing Economy and Increasing Life Quality.

The Agency's Vision; A leading Development Agency that is revealing the potential of the region and introduced to the world, creating active collaborative networks that shape the dynamism of the region, participation in decision - making processes with governance mechanism, accelerating development of the region by appointed expert staff and quality approach.

The Agency's Mission; To raise a common understanding of development in the region by promoting cooperation between public, private sectors and the non-governmental organiza­tions, to prepare regional development plans with a participatory and strategic approach and to imple­ment them effectively, to enforce local capacity and increase productivity, to raise competitiveness and investment attraction of the region by ameliorating investment climate, in order to facilitate a sustainable social and economic development.

Duties and Responsibilities

Tasks of Karacadag Development Agency are as fol­lows;

a)   To prepare strategies related to regional develop­ment,

b)   To improve economic and social indicators at the national, regional and local level,

c)   To reduce inter-regional and intra-regional dispari­ties,

d)   To support the development and implementation of projects,

e)   To mobilize the region's entrepreneurial potential.

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