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Administrative Board

The  Administrative Board of Agency  acts as the “decision-making body” of the Agency.

The duties and authorities of the board of management are the following:

a) To discuss and approve the annual working program and submit it to the Ministry of Development for the final approval.

b) To revise the budget within the year if necessary.

c) To approve the annual financial report and the results of the final budget.

d) To decide on purchase, sale and rent of movable and immovable properties and purchase of

e) To submit the interim report and annual activity report to the Ministry of Development.

f) To approve the budget of the Agency and submit it to the Ministry of Development.

g) To approve the proposals concerning the support of program, project and activities submitted by the secretariat general and the grants to be given to real and legal persons.

h) To accept donations and grants to be made to the Agency.

i) To resolve on matters of recruiting and dismissing the personnel.

j) To approve the Agency units to be determined by the secretary general, and the division of labor among such units.

k) To select the secretary general and submit to the Ministry of Development for the approval.

l) To determine the limits of authority of the secretary-general about the issues concerning purchase, sale and rent of the movable properties and purchase of service, except vehicles.

m) To follow up and coordinate the license and permit procedures and other administrative work and transactions of the private sector investors falling under the tasks and authority of public institutions and organizations in order for such procedures and transactions to be concluded within the period of time set forth in the relevant legislation, if such legislation has not established any period of time, to conclude such procedures and transactions in priority and urgently, and to establish investment support offices in the provinces in the Region to this end.

The  Administrative Board of Agency of Karacadag Development Agency is composed of 8 representatives. The members of the board are Governors of Diyarbakir and Sanliurfa, Mayors of Diyarbakir and Sanliurfa, Chairpersons of Provincial General Assembly of Diyarbakir and Sanliurfa and Presidents of Chambers of Diyarbakir and Sanliurfa Industry and Trade. The governor embodies the authorization to represent the Agency as the President of the board of directors. The Board of Directors convenes each month in the provinces of the region in order.

Member of Administrative Board

Members of the Administrative Board
Hüseyin AKSOY (Chairman of the Administrative Board)
Governor of Diyarbakir

Güngör Azim TUNA (Deputy Chairman of the Administrative Board)
Governor of Sanliurfa

Cumali ATİLLA (Member of the Administrative Board)
Metropolitan Mayor of Diyarbakir

Nihat ÇİFTÇİ (Member of the Administrative Board)
Metropolitan Mayor of Sanliurfa

Ahmet SAYAR (Member of the Administrative Board)
President of Diyarbakir Chamber of Commerce

İsmail DEMİRKOL (Member of the Administrative Board)
President of Sanliurfa Chamber of Commerce

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